On magical paths


• snack bar
• retro pub (Harcsa Pub)
• Free Wi-Fi
• credit card acceptance

Our snack bar awaits its guests with friendly prices and home-made, Hungarian dishes from spring to autumn.
Besides a simple buffet selection (e.g. hamburger, grilled sausage, fried hake), one can also choose from one-course meals, fish dishes, traditional Hungarian main courses and fresh roasts.
The snack bar has a covered terrace with tables and benches, where we can accommodate smaller groups as well.
In our snack bar, we actually have a selection of a restaurant, combined with the advantage of being able to enjoy it on our terrace in tourist attire, during a trip, before and after going to the beach or just after fishing.
In addition to delicious food, you can also grab some refreshing drinks or a good cup of coffee after lunch at Harcsa Pub.
The parking lot is right next to the building, and we also have a bicycle rack inside the fence.