On magical paths


The Guesthouse is named after a row of nearly a thousand stems of lavender bushes running along the fence, which have an intensive scent. In June-July, when they usually bloom, the scent and sight of purple bushes relaxes the visitors.

Address: 2617 Alsópetény, Béke u. 2.
Tel.: +36 (20) 2233441
Website: www.alsopetenyszallas.hu/levendula-vendeghaz
E-mail: recepcio@pronaykastely.hu
Facebook: https://hu-hu.facebook.com/alsopetenyszallas


The price of the accommodation includes:
• Fully equipped kitchen
• You can find hair dryer and towels in the bathroom.
• Closed parking area
• Free Wi-Fi

Provided on request:
• Cauldron and cauldron stand, with wood
• Meat skewers
• Badminton racket

Free programmes:
• castle park walk in Castle Prónay

Our services at an additional cost
• Staying at the Village Guest Houses, you can order breakfast and picnic baskets along with a farmer’s plate for dinner.
• Nordic walking stick, bicycle and electric bike rental
• Massage
• castle walk with a guide
• Bathhouse (Castle Prónay)

The 4 sunflower-rated Guesthouse has two separable parts, each with 2 double rooms with separate bathroom, for a total of 4 rooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen in both parts of the house. The closed yard allows safe and comfortable parking.
Next to the Guesthouse you can find the Bar and Reception, where in the summer months we are awaiting tired tourists with refreshments.