On magical paths


The Nógrád Game Preserve is located at the foot of Börzsöny, about 50 kilometers northeast of Budapest.

Address: 2642 Nógrád, 04/57 hrsz.
Tel.: +36 (30) 4456414, +36 (70) 4310957
Contact: Villányi Péter
Website: www.nogradivadaspark.hu
E-mail: nogradivadaspark@freemail.hu

• Accommodation
• Catering
• Evening game viewing
• Tractor tour
• Nature photography and video
• Hunting

The park covers 110 hectares, which is privately owned and operated within the framework of family farming.
In our fast-paced world, our family farm has created a way back to nature in the form of Nógrád Game Preserve.
Nowadays, everyone can get an insight into the life of African, Asian or even South American animals according to their needs, but we have little information about the world-famous Hungarian wildlife.
To fill this gap, we created the Nógrád Game Preserve, where behavior of majestic red deer, fallow deer, wild clashes of mouflons and the cheerful moving of wild boar families can be seen in its natural habitat.

In addition to wildlife, you can meet domestic animals (cats, dogs, horses, sheep, donkeys, cattles) in the park and can carefree enjoy the tranquility of closeness to nature.
A hunting area of 1000 hectares, an orchard of 24 hectares and a hunter’s home for 12 persons (1 room with 4 beds and 4 rooms with 2 beds) belong to the park as well.