On magical paths


The Guesthouse is the re-think of a rundown village cottage. The worm-holed wooden bench on the covered porch bathes in the sunshine from the morning on, perhaps the only place where sunbathing is even better is on the small veranda, surrounded by panelled glass windows, after a hearty walk.

Address: 2617 Alsópetény, Béke u. 10.
Tel.: +36 (20) 2233441
Website: http://www.alsopetenyszallas.hu/kortefa-vendeghaz
E-mail: recepcio@pronaykastely.hu
Facebook: Alsópetényi Vendégházak

The price of the accommodation includes:
• Fully equipped kitchen
• You can find hair dryer and towels in the bathroom.
• Closed parking area
• Free Wi-Fi
• Dog bed, dog towel, feeding and watering bowl
• Pool use
Provided on request:
• Cauldron and cauldron stand, with wood
• Meat skewers
• Badminton racket
Free programmes:
• castle park walk in Castle Prónay
Our services at an additional cost
• Staying at the Village Guest Houses, you can order breakfast and picnic baskets along with a farmer’s plate for dinner.
• Nordic walking stick, bicycle and electric bike rental
• Massage
• castle walk with a guide
• Bathhouse (Castle Prónay)

In the courtyard, just in line with the bench, a pear tree rises and bears its greenish-yellow, fragrant, grainy fruit.
The 4 sunflower-rated houses (best qualification of village accommodations in Hungary) have 3 fully equipped, homely rooms with a separate bathroom for those wishing to relax here. In the kitchen, there is a colt stove, worthy of the most important part of the house: it pours the heat out, and the red checkered tablecloth of the kitchen table has plenty of room for home-made food, which we are happy to provide a recipe for!
The Guesthouse has three separate double rooms with a separate toilet and an equipped bathroom. Unlimited Wi-Fi is available from all rooms. Its central, middle room is the fully equipped kitchen with a colt stove. A driveway leads to the covered parking spaces – two cars can fit inside the fence, two more on the street next to the garden. In the huge garden there is a covered gazebo and a fire pit, as well as small wooden house where there are rental bicycles with helmets and child seats along with Nordic walking sticks for our guests.