On magical paths


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"Although we distill and sell pálinka, we try to recreate unadulterated, slowly forgotten rural, liberated moods and emotions."
There is an exciting word in English - “spirit” – whose refers to a spirit drink, but the other, perhaps the most important, closely related meaning, is the soul! And indeed, the truly skillfully cooked and cared for Hungarian pálinka has a soul, anyone who has tasted it once can tell.
At Bánki Pálinka House, we do not produce traditional homemade pálinka, but a bottled, premium product. But what really characterizes us and makes our distilled drinks special is the way we do that.
So stop for a moment, exclude everything, and indulge in the experience provided by these special distillates...
In our pálinka house we provide the opportunity to taste pálinka with dinner. Our pálinkas to taste are all award-winning pálinkas that have won a medal at the National Pálinka Competition.