On magical paths


Castle Nógrád

The sight of the castle being very imposing either in its ruins catches the eye of the visitor already from a distance. Since the fort giving the name of Nógrád County and the settlement is standing on the hill rising above the village. The broken remainder of the ancient gunpowder tower defines the clear silhouette of the castle, what is well recognisable also from afar. Like a huge warning forefinger, it warns us to the obligation of humankind living in our days, namely, to maintain the memory of past.
The visitor can take a pleasant walk among the walls of the castle. The renovated bastion and the ambience of the country flag offers resting place and possibility to visualise the nearby and the faraway sights. It is not only the historical past what makes worth to take the effort and visit the castle. Watching from the top, we can enjoy a wonderful panorama.