On magical paths


Catholic Church had a nice chapel built on the small elevation located to the northeast of the village in 1993.

Address: 2643 Diósjenő, Kápolna-hegy (Chapel Hill)

On excavating the foundation of it, the remainders of the former chapel structure were excavated; there are no more detailed written data on it, only the name of the small hill (Kápolna-domb - Chapel Hill) allowed us to suggest that there was any kind of clergy building standing here. The archaeologists defined the ancient eight-angled building to originate from the Árpád Ages. It is worth to take a walk up here also due to the wonderful sight: the settlement lying in the embrace of the mountains and the entire agricultural area belonging to it can be seen from here.
This is the reason why a wooden fire tower stood here also recently, which served for fire prevention quite until the 60’s during harvests.