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Evangelical church

The late Baroque church of Bánk was built in 1783. It was consecrated on August 6, 1784, during the reign of Samuel Kellisch. The rectory was also made under his direction.

Address: 2653 Bánk, Hősök tere

"He has most definitely been a warrior, a brave individual fighting with rock-solid faith in his inscriptions to Maria Theresa for the religious freedom of his people, for the exercise of his faith" – as Pastor András L. Kovács wrote about him in 1959, in his commemoration on the 175th anniversary of the church.
We know from Kellisch's note of September 13, 1783, that he donated his own money to the church so that it could be rebuilt.
The main altar of the church was painted in 1903 by Illés Ödön Edvi, a painter born in Tolmács. The subject: Christ on the cross. Originally, the first altar had 3 pictures. The uppermost, which was brought over from the old temple, portrayed the resurrection of the Lord, the middle showed the transformation on the mountain, and the lowest depicted the last supper. According to the aforementioned 1959 record, the latter, very expressive wood carving is still there on the altar, obscured by the altarpiece. The church bell, requisitioned in World War I, was replaced in 1922 with a new 150-pound one. The choir of the single-nave church, curving inwards in the middle, is supported by two columns. Its ship is mirror-vaulted, and his altar is Louis Seize style.