On magical paths


• catering
• snack bar
• Wi-Fi
• lakeside

Harcsa Pub is not just a simple liquor store, but rather a classic village meeting place; a community place where there are always some good friends, you can talk about events taking place in the area, discuss politics, review the performance of the Bánk football team, or maybe get some information about the next programme of the Bánk Summer.
Besides the wide range of chilled soft drinks and beers, as a matter of course you can also find various other kinds of drinks that help to have unstrained conversations and friendly discussions.
In the summer, you can also choose some ice cream complementing all the above, for a guaranteed good time.
From the Pub’s terrace overlooking the lake, you can even watch the most exciting sporting events with friends, as a television is always available.
In addition to taking a look at our colourful magazines and newspapers, many people just come to us to immerse themselves in the world of Internet on their own computer accompanied by a refreshing drink, for which we provide free Wi-Fi access!
For all this we offer pleasant conditions, panoramic lake views, attentive and high-quality service.