On magical paths


Medieval Church

If we arrive to the picturesque village in the valley of the stream from the direction of Nézsa, we will first be greeted by a charming Gothic church of medieval origin on a hilltop. This is the only surviving relic of the medieval village.

There are no contemporary records of the former church dedicated to Mary, so we have to accept a dating based on archaeological excavations. According to them, the construction possibly took place at the end of the 14th century. The former village could also be located in its immediate vicinity.
Inside the church, the main attractions are the consecration crosses and frescoes found during the restoration of the wall. Above the sacristy door is a depiction of Golgotha, followed by Madonna in a Cloak, next to St. Catherine and St. Barbara, and then in the third picture, which is somewhat separated, St. Nicholas. When the choir was dismantled, perhaps the most interesting picture of the church came to light: it depicts the torture of St. Apollonia.