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Roman Catholic Church

The ancestor of the today church was demolished during the Turkish invasion.
In 1686 altogether 66 persons of Roman Catholic religion remained in the settlement, who - following a "church suit" - built a new catholic church with the assistance of the followers of the reformed church.

Address: 2643 Diósjenő, Kinizsi u. 4.

About six decades later, in 1745 the church had to be rebuilt, but this renovation was not durable, and finally in 1788 - from the Eszterházy-Visconsi fund - it was reconstructed in its today form. Remained walls and stones of the former church were also used in the reconstruction.
On entering the late baroque building one can at once cast a glance to the main altar image.
The saints in it are Florian and several church fathers; on the top there is the trinity, Joseph, Mary and the apostles.
The beautiful burnt enamel station images of the church were made by József Dovák B.