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Slovak Nationality Country House

The Slovak Nationality Exhibition in an old open-chimney farmhouse displays the 19th century life, clothes, furniture, and everyday objects of the Slovaks.

Address: 2653 Bánk, Petőfi út 94.
Tel.: +36 (70) 7038230, +36 (70) 2679625
Contact: Ivanicsné Hugyecz Mária

In the mixed-walled, open-chimney farmhouse covered in Poltári tiles, built at the end of the 19th century, the life of the mostly evangelical Slovak population in the area is presented.
The furnishings of the room, the kitchen and the pantry reveal the home of a moderately wealthy, childless couple in its early 20th century state.
The plan for the future is to implement an exhibition of folk costumes and everyday objects from Bánk.
In the courtyard of the country house there was a statue of sculptor András Laluja, named The “Bridesmaid of Bánk”, until it was stolen by some soulless people.
The municipality has made a duplicate of the statue, so the "Bridesmaid of Bánk", which has become a symbol of the village, still decorates the courtyard of the Country House.