On magical paths


After the 1544 fall of the Nógrád castle the Calvinist believers were in majority. After the church suit taking place between the two religions, the church standing in the middle of the village remained for the Calvinists.

Address: 2643 Diósjenő, Dózsa György út

The new church seen today was built in 1791 with the approval of King Joseph II, to replace the former small one.
Parts of its foundation were found on digging the water pipe in 1983.
However, the king' permit forbid the construction of the new tower.
Approximately one hundred year later, in 1894 the construction of the today tower built together with the church was facilitated; its bells were taken for military purposes in both world wars.
The current bell was bought in 1946 - instead of the depreciated money - from the firewood collected by the believers.